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The 10 most beautiful villages in Corsica: what to see and eat

Today we are taking you on a discovery of the 10 most charming villages of Corsica, the island of beauty. Get ready to immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, fascinating history and culinary delights.

Piana: This picturesque village is known for its Calanques, spectacular rock formations of red granite. Don't miss a walk at sunset to admire the colours reflected on the rocks.
Recommended food: Brocciu, a typical Corsican cheese, in one of the local restaurants.

Sant'Antonino: Nestling on a hill, Sant'Antonino is one of Corsica's oldest villages. Stroll through the winding streets and visit the church of San Antonio Abate.
Recommended food: the traditional Corsican soup, made of beans, vegetables and spices.

Corte: Corsica's historical capital, Corte offers a vibrant and cultural atmosphere. Explore the citadel and the Museum of Corsica.
Recommended food: a FIadone, for a mouth-watering break, the typical sweet made of brocciu and lemon.

Sartène: Known as 'the most Corsican of Corsican towns', Sartène is a must-see. Here you can admire the traditional stone architecture and visit the church of St Mary.
Recommended food: Lonzu, a typical smoked pork sausage, served with fresh bread.

Bonifacio: This coastal town offers breathtaking views of the limestone cliffs. You can stroll along the harbour and visit the church of Santa Maria Maggiore.
Recommended food: Bottarga, dried mullet roe, often served as an appetiser.

Nonza: Located on the west coast, Nonza offers spectacular views of the sea. Here you can explore the Nonza Tower and the church of San Giuliano.
Recommended food: wild boar civet, a stewed meat dish typical of the region.

Lama: This mountain village is surrounded by lush nature and offers breathtaking views. Admire the church of San Lorenzu and take a walk along the Ostriconi river.
Enjoy a glass of locally produced Patrimonio wine.

Palasca: Nestling in the mountains, Palasca offers a panoramic view of the surrounding plain. Here you can visit the church of San Michele and the Genoese bridge.
Recommended food: Canistrelli, typical aniseed or lemon biscuits.

Erbalunga: This charming seaside village is located on the east coast of Corsica. Admire the small harbour and the Church of Santa Maria.
Recommended food: the typical local dish, the wild herb omelette.

Monticello: a picturesque village located in the Balagne region. Here you can see the Church of Saint Sebastian and the Belvedere of Monticello.
Recommended food: Aziminu, a fish soup with tomatoes, garlic, onion and spices.

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