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3 Student’s trips: where to go?

On the occasion of International Student Day, today we offer some travel ideas for the youngest.
Funny, relaxing and cultural destinations for all types of students: from the diligent to the more rebellious ones.

Ibiza: the perfect destination for party animals. Also known as the white island, Ibiza is full of crystalline beaches, clubs and private parties. Visited the old city which stands on a hill, declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. Don't miss San Antonio too, the city for fun, water activities and nightlife.

Corfu: ideal destination for those who are passionate about culture, nightlife and the sea. Relax at Issos beach, admire the cliffs near Loggas Beach and Vlaxernon monastery in Pontikonis. Gallipoli - the most important Apulian city for students. Here you will choose typical restaurants, beaches and discos to go to.
Don't miss the most historical and cultural part of the city where you will find beautiful historic buildings, such as Palazzo del Seminario and Palazzo Venneri but also the Church of Purità and the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Stop at the Angioino Castle and relax at Punta della Suina, a wonderful beach.

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