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Holidays in Corsica: what to see in winter?

Visiting Corsica in winter can be a truly unforgettable experience.

While snow lovers book the "white week" dreaming of skiing on the highest peaks, we highly suggest you go against the trend and choose holidays in Corsica to escape the great winter cold: you will not regret it!

Corsica is not just beaches and campsites by the sea, but much more.

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The island that gave birth to Napoleon is striking for its extraordinary landscape and environmental variety, but not only that, it represents the perfect mix between France and Italy. We suggest you visit the most important cities, all on the coast, postponing your visit to the hinterland for another trip when the mild climate will allow excursions and trekking.

Located in the northeast of the island and also known as the industrial capital of Corsica, you will find the city of Bastia.

The city center distinguishes by a lively tourist port, from which you will start a tour among the numerous Baroque churches, including that of San Giovanni Battista. Take the car heading west, and you will find Calvi with its fortified citadel that dominates the entire town. Many studies claim that the great Christopher Columbus was born here. Proof of this would be the house in Rue Colombe located near Quai Landry, a port area full of shops, clubs, and restaurants. Forty kilometers from Calvi is the Gulf of Galéria, a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to a beautiful setting where a lush Mediterranean scrub frames a turquoise water mirror.

Then take the coastal road, and you will arrive in Ajaccio, the most populated center of Corsica and famous for being the cradle of Napoleon Bonaparte. A visit to the Musée Maison Bonaparte is therefore mandatory for an in-depth study of the life and deeds of the great French general.

After the short but intense dive into history, you can not miss the Sentier des Cretes, an itinerary immersed in nature that ends at Punta Della Parata, in front of the archipelago of the Sanguinaires Islands. Having visited Ajaccio, all that is left is to return to the eastern side and go to the southernmost city of Corsica: Bonifacio. A town with small proportions but a lot of history: this is a brief description of the center overlooking Sardinia.

The city's architecture is influenced by the Pisan and Genoese, in which the fortified citadel with Bastion de l'Etendard stands out, a majestic structure overlooking the sea. Not far from the bastion, you can find the Stairs of the King of Aragon, also known as the 187 steps, which lead you to the rocks at the foot of the cliff on which the old city stands. Legend has it that they were built in a single night to facilitate the Aragonese assault (hence the name) on this part of the territory. Porto Vecchio, the first Corsican city for the influx of tourists, closes this imaginary itinerary. What makes it so popular is the coastline from Pinarello to Punta di Rondinara offers enchanting beaches with pine forests, perfect for families. Before taking the Corsica Ferry to the continent, all that remains is to make a trip to Cerbicale, a small treasure trove of biodiversity declared a Natural Reserve by the French government.

Say goodbye to Corsica, and happily end this short but intense journey with memories of a beautiful and wildland that will remain forever. Hurry up and book now. Bonaparte Island is waiting for you!

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