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How does Seafy work?

How does Seafy’s Wi-Fi service work on ships? Before answering this question, let’s give a brief overview of the 3 different packages offered, to make everything clearer.
Each package, in fact, is structured according to the needs of the different users who are traveling. During the crossing you can keep in touch with your loved ones through your messaging apps, stay up to date with world news, share photos of your trip on your social networks, reply to important emails or browse the web freely.

The packages offered are:
EASY: To chat with friends and family, this package offers Whatsapp Text, Messenger, Telegram Text and Signal Text throughout your journey.

DIGITAL: For the whole route you can share on your social networks and browse the Internet for as long as you want.

DIGITALPLUS: To chat, share your photos on social networks, surf the Internet, send emails at maximum speed for the duration of the trip!

And now we come to the mode of use.
As we all know, being on a ship can be a challenge when it comes to keeping in touch with your loved ones or trying to catch up with your job while you’re away.
For this reason on Corsica Ferries ships there is the wifi network of Seafy. Did you know that there are several ways to connect to the network?

To be exact, there are three.
Option 1: Simple is better
Once on board the ship, turn on your phone’s wifii and check the available lines. Select the one named “Seafy” and you will be redirected to the dedicated portal. There you can see the 3 packages available, buy the one that best suits your needs and start browsing!

Option 2: Reversing addenda does not change the result
In short, it is the opposite of the first option: through the website seafy.com, select the company you are travelling with and you will have access to the 3 packages offered. Once you have decided which one is best for you, all you have to do is complete the purchase and wait for the confirmation email that will arrive after a few seconds.

Option 3: Why do it when you can get others to do it?
Once on board, all you have to do is go to the ship’s information desk and talk to a crew member, who will do the whole procedure for you. You’ll only have to think about sailing!

Now that you’ve learned more about Seafy’s services, you can enjoy them too. With new updates coming in, we can’t wait to see what happens. Browse with Corsica Ferries and browse the internet at the same time!