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Short holidays in Sardinia

Barbagia is a place of ancient traditions. Here is a shortlist of the places you can visit. Booking a week or weekend in Sardinia is always a good idea, especially during the cold season, when you can avoid the crowds of the summer months.

But how do I go, and what can I see? With Sardinia Ferries, you can reach one of the most charming places in the Mediterranean in a few hours. Along with your cruise ticket, do not forget to include the Seafy Wi-Fi plan that will allow you to have an internet connection onboard at really affordable prices. The cruise journey with your favorite social media networks will go by faster.

Having a car is essential to visit one of the wildest areas: Barbagia, located in Nuoro, in the northeast. It is here where according to the Sardinians, you can find the essence of Sardinian traditions and hospitality. Far away from the classic touristic destinations such as the Costa Smeralda and the Maddalena archipelago.

Among the symbols of the millenary Sardinian culture, we have Tiscali. A famous archaeological site from the Nuragic period, located between Oliena and Dorgali, both in the province of Nuoro. Tiscali is a Nuragic village built on the walls of a sinkhole, entered by a cavity overlooking the Lanaittu valley. A very suggestive place where time seems to have stopped. Still, in the same area, you can visit Su Gorroppu Supramonte canyon, one of the deepest in Europe, with impressive views. The Mediterranean scrub, with its shrubs and unmistakable aromas of myrtle, mastic, and thyme, will take you on an unforgettable sensory journey. You can continue discovering two very characteristic villages.

The first is Mamoiada, famous for the Mamuthones and the Issohadores, typical masks of the Mamoiadino carnival. Mamoiada is a town a few kilometers from Nuoro, whit the Museum of the Carnival Masks of the Mediterranean regions united by a communion of history and culture. A few kilometers away, you will see Orgosolo with its colorful murals. There are more than 150, they represent the social upheaval of the 60s and 70s, and today, they also illustrate scenes of daily life in the island towns.

Leaving Orgosolo, we move towards Nuoro. Here you can visit places of the Nobel prize winner Grazia Deledda, one of them, on Mount Ortobene, a magical hill that dominates the city where nature is the protagonist with its plants and rocks molded by the wind. After an authentic Sardinian immersion, all that is left to do is get back on board and immediately activate your Wi-Fi plan to share all the beauties you have seen. With Seafy Wi-Fi on board, you can chat, share content, and have fun with your favorite music and films.

Visit Sardinia with Corsica Ferries and your Seafy Wi-Fi access.