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Traveling by cruise ship with children

Here are some tips for traveling by cruise ship with kids.

Traveling by ferry with children can be an adventure for the whole family. Of all means of transport, the ferry is the only one that allows you to take your car with you and therefore to leave with everything you need, and whit children in tow your luggage increases considerably. If you are worried about your children's care during the many hours of travel, do not despair for them, it will be a new and fun experience. Just follow the simple tips for traveling by cruise ship with them!

Get a Cruise Cabin: The first tip for traveling by ship with children is to get a cabin, especially if they are very young. During the many hours of navigation, you will feel tired, and therefore, it will be essential for the whole family to have a place to rest. Only in this way will it be possible to recover the energy lost due to an early rising to arrive on time at the ferry departure port. Booking a family cabin is cheaper than the special offers dedicated to children that ferry companies offer throughout the year. It would be a mistake to stop in the bridge passage where children would find themselves playing on carpets crossed by thousands of people, nervous and without a comfortable place to sleep.

Children's clothing on the ferry: Onboard, you will find temperature changes caused by the difference in temperature between the outside and inside of the ship. But how would you dress your children on the ferry? By layers! They can cover up or undress depending on the climate: cold inside due to the air conditioning and humid heat outside, especially during summer months. The best travel clothes for kids? A sports suit with a t-shirt, a windbreaker, and a pair of sneakers are the ideal clothing for your ferry trip.

Food, games, and internet access onboard: Traveling by ferry means spending several hours on board, have a piece of hand luggage with everything you need to meet every child's needs. Spare food and clothes will come to your rescue in times of trouble, while tablet games and laptops when boredom takes over. For older children already accustomed to technology, it is crucial to have internet access onboard. Get the travel Wi-Fi you need, such as the ones offered by Seafy, and give your children the possibility of using their favorite social networks throughout the sea crossing, as well as the opportunity to entertain themselves by watching cartoons, films, and TV Programs.

Remedies for seasickness: One of the drawbacks of traveling by ship is seasickness, which often affects the little ones. The good news is that in large cruise ships, the oscillations of the ferry are subtle, so it is rare for discomfort to occur. If your baby is sensitive, what are the remedies for seasickness? Use car sickness remedies, so in addition to trying to keep your children still, an anti-nausea bracelet or medicine such as Travelgum or Xamamine can be convenient.

Enjoy your journey on board with children in the company of the Seafy Wi-Fi connection!