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What to do in August 2022?

In addition to being a religious holiday, August has become a national celebration where families gather to enjoy food and fireworks. It’s not just the end of summer, it’s also the end of summer holidays!
August 2022 is just around the corner and we have your back. Here is our list of the best places to visit during August 2022 in Italy!

Island of Capo Rizzuto
Hidden in the province of Crotone, Capo Rizzuto Island is a characteristic coastal town where golden beaches and crystal clear sea meet to offer absolutely breathtaking views. The spectacular Calabrian village is mainly chosen as a destination for summer holidays, thanks to its 34 kilometres of coastline alternating enchanted coves, sandy beaches and marvellous seabeds. However, this small village has much more to offer its visitors: from castles to ancient churches, from archaeological finds to delicious culinary delights. A small universe to discover.

Lake Garda
To call Garda a lake is a bit limiting, since it is the largest Italian lake with an area of 370 square kilometers. It would be right to consider it a sea in the mountains, because this is the feeling you get when you look at it: in any direction you look, you can’t see its boundaries. From snow-capped mountains, to gentle hills, to small towns on the shores, including some islands in the center of the lake, Lake Garda is a destination that manages to satisfy everyone, at any time of the year.

The special feature of the Dolomites is the rock composition of its mountains. It is, in fact, carbonate rock, formed 250 million years ago, composed by the accumulation of shells and corals sedimented on the bottom of an ancient sea in a tropical marine environment of the Triassic, very similar to that of the current coral reefs. Following the collision of the plates of Europe and Africa, the seabed has risen to become a mountain range.

Croatian coast
From Hvar to Zagreb, from crystal clear beaches to lakes and mountains, there’s really plenty to choose from! The best way to visit Croatia, with its indented and very long coastline, is a fantastic road trip by car.

August is an all-Italian holiday! It is an opportunity for Italians to take a well-deserved break after the unbearable summer heat. Enjoy the best August ever and take the break you deserve!
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