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What to do on New Year's eve 2022?

What could be better than traveling anywhere on a sunny day? Not much. You can see the sights, photograph everything and the opposite of everything (including the food, of course), and meet new people along the way. But what if that sunny day also falls on your New Year's Day?

Traveling is fun and exciting, especially when there is no room for the end of another year. Packing, unpacking, booking tickets, getting your bags in order, things like that will keep you busy while the rest of the world celebrates New Year's Eve. Are you the kind of person who just counts down waiting for the stroke of midnight, or are you looking for events and places to celebrate New Year's Eve 2023? Possibly with a glass of bubbly in hand? If your answer is, as always, to pack a suitcase, here are some ideas that might interest you!

Madrid, Spain: A great opportunity to experience La Puerta del Sol is to spend New Year's Eve in Madrid with the tradition of "Las Uvas": everyone brings 12 grapes, one for each of the last 12 months, and eats them one at a time for each tolling of the bells of the Royal Palace of the Casa de Correos.

Rome, Italy: Every year the city hosts fantastic concerts, with national stars such as Malika Ayane, Nina Zilli and J-Ax performing in the past. Subway lines remain open all night, allowing residents and tourists to get to the many parties around the city!

Paris, France: Along the Champs-Elysées, the party starts at 9 p.m. with bottles of champagne and views of the light-filled Eiffel Tower that will bring tears to the eyes of even the most hardened souls. In addition, successful theatrical and musical events and performances are organized throughout the city.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: One of the most distinctive and fun parties ever. Celebrating old and new on New Year's Eve, Europe's largest LCD screen sums up the spectacle awaiting you in Rembrandtplein, the heart of Amsterdam's nightlife. If you are not afraid of the cold and want to experience an unconventional New Year's Eve, many Dutch people gather on the beaches of Scheveningen to celebrate with the famous New Year's Eve plunge.

If, on the other hand, all you want to end 2022 on a high note is to sip cocktails on a cruise, Corsica Ferries has just the thing for you! Two different proposals: one night on the coast of Corsica or two nights with a beautiful view of the French Riviera? An alternative and fun proposal for all travel lovers, without giving up the New Year's Eve Dinner on board!

The beginning of 2023 with a bang is just around the corner. And if you are among the travelers who are looking forward to making year-end resolutions, it's time to start your list of places to visit!