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What is Seafy?

The best deals for Wi-Fi connectivity onboard.

Everybody dreams of taking a ferry trip with an inexpensive Wi-Fi connection from the departure to the arrival of your destination. A few years ago, traveling by ferry without an internet connection made you feel isolated from the world, being more noticeable in the high sea once we left the mainland behind. Fortunately, those days are long gone!

Nowadays, there’s Seafy, an advanced internet service that allows you to easily connect and experience high-speed Wi-Fi connection at low costs during your entire trip with Corsica Ferries and Sardinia Ferries. Seafy offers you three convenient packages: Easy, Digital, and Digital Plus, satisfying even the most demanding customers, starting at 4.99 euros, saving you money, considering that in a trip of at least five hours, Wi-Fi internet connectivity can be a nightmare. Having bought a Seafy Wi-Fi package not only means you can connect with total peace of mind to your favorite social networks and be in touch with your loved ones, but you can also watch films, tv shows and listen to your favorite music from all points of the ferry. You will experience the thrill of online shopping on the high seas with the best deals. Seafy knows that children are the great protagonists of the trip, and for this reason, it has created an ad hoc kids section capable of entertaining and amusing the little ones. The whole family can enjoy the experience of being connected at high seas, and above all, save some money for the next trip, always alongside Seafy, of course.

Enjoy staying connected throughout your journey with the Seafy Wi-Fi connection!