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Where to go on holiday in August?

You know what’s better than work? To be on vacation!
And you know what’s better than holidays? Holidays in August. But where to go on holiday in August? It depends if you want to enjoy a beach holiday with sun, sand and sea, or if you want to relax by the pool, watching the stars under the clear sky of Sardinia. Perhaps you prefer to explore one of the many Italian islands? Or maybe Greece is more suitable for you?

It’s an important question, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a vacation in the next month. There are many great places to visit around the world, but this is a list of places that we believe go beyond the mere tourist attraction. These destinations have a beautiful climate and offer unique experiences to travelers.

Barcelona: Whether you have a few weeks or just 48 hours to explore this city, we will help you make the most of your vacation. From Gaudi’s artistic masterpieces to tapas tastings, Barcelona has something for everyone.

Greece: This place is so beautiful, it’s a crime almost nobody visits it!
Mystery, sun, joy and joy: Greece is unique! Here we can discover the origins of our civilization, let ourselves be seduced by the charm of temples that have stood for millennia, and admire the artistic masterpieces of the ancient world. But it’s also a country where you can indulge in idleness, take a dip in the blueest sea in Europe, enjoy a cheerful dinner in a delicious traditional restaurant or indulge in a nightlife without exception. Beaches, museums, ancient towns, traditional villages, fascinating metropolises where old and new meet: Greece has nothing at all!

Sardinia: Sardinia is a piece of paradise to reach once in a lifetime. But what’s there to see? Difficult to make a selection, the most beautiful sea in Italy is located on this island and, if you are a true explorer, you can go beyond the coast, into the wild hinterland, discovering villages, nuraghi and unspoiled nature.
If you are interested in beaches you should know that the Sardinian coast has almost 2000 km of beaches, cliffs and hidden coves. The beaches of Southern Sardinia are historically less touristy, cheaper than those of the north, but just as beautiful. The west coast is among the wildest and the east coast has some of the most beautiful coves.

Corsica: Corsica has some of the best beaches in the world, which means this trip should be easy for your wallet, while giving you the chance to get sunburns and tans at will!
With its stunning colours, from the deep blue of the sea to the clear blue of the sky, the gold of the sunsets and the green of the Mediterranean scrub, Corsica will literally conquer you! From the untamed cliffs of Bonifacio to the hidden bays of Cap Corse, from the beautiful sandy beaches of Calanques di Piana to the picturesque villages of Balagne, Corsica offers an incredible variety of breathtaking landscapes that will make your holiday in this romantic land unique.

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