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Seafy services accompany the passenger from departure to arrival. During the hours of navigation, Seafy not only offers multimedia and connection, but also suggests to the passengers useful products and services, thus favouring their purchasing behaviour. Join Seafy, you will have access to exclusive services to better advertise your brand.

Potential customers

They spend an average of 30 hours browsing during the year and the primary need everyone has when travelling is to connect with their device.

300 minutes

This is the estimated time, between the arrival of the ship in port and the start of check-in operations, that a passenger waits on average at the quay before boarding.

High involvement

Passenger behaviour appears to be active in the search for travel-related services: destination, accommodation, useful advice.


Seafy offers you a variety of standard and customised display and mobile advertising formats, whether text, video or audio, to present the services and/or products you intend to advertise in a simple and appealing way, thus capturing the attention of your potential customers.


Seafy is at the service of your brand and offers you a new sales channel, an online shop window through which millions of passengers can comfortably purchase your business' products or services in just a few clicks.

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