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Seafy provides Wi-Fi even on the high seas with connectivity
available in the main port and on board from any device.


Seafy Wi-Fi plans are tailor-made for you and buying them does not involve any obligation, subscription or commission.


Connect easily: sign up, pick a Wi-Fi plan and activate it directly on the ship!


Access the portal easily and immediately: activate your Wi-Fi internet access and start browsing!

Seafy on board the ship

The shipping companies

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Join Seafy now!

We have dedicated a special offer for you as a new crew member of Corsica Sardinia Ferries.

How does Seafy work?

Choose your favorite Wi-Fi plan and
purchase an internet access.

We suggest you turn on Airplane mode on board and connect to the Seafy Wi-Fi network.

Activate your Wi-Fi voucher and...
start navigating the internet!