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What to see in Bari?

Not to be missed among the destinations in southern Italy is Bari: a regional capital and a city rich in history and tradition. Between waterfront restaurants, experiences and walking tours, Bari knows how to offer movida, relaxation and culture at the same time. So, what to see in Bari? Here are our recommendations!

1 - Old Bari: Between the old and new harbours is the district of San Nicola, Bari vecchia for the people of Bari. Here is the historic centre, characterised by white and ivory colours, surrounded by ancient walls and dominated by the Swabian Norman Castle. Here you can visit the Cathedral of San Sabino and the famous Basilica of San Nicola, as well as other smaller churches.

2 - The Basilica of St Nicholas: The patron saint of Bari, St Nicholas is venerated by both Catholics and Orthodox. Thanks to his remains preserved in the crypt of the basilica, the faithful still flock there in pilgrimage. In Romanesque style, with gilded wooden ceilings and paintings from the 1600s, the basilica is a precious place to visit. St Nicholas' treasure is kept in the Museo Nicolaiano next to the Basilica and contains illuminated codices, parchments and silverware.

3 - The waterfront: Inaugurated in 1927 during the Fascist era, the promenade is one of the most fascinating places in the city. Surrounded on one side by late Art Nouveau buildings (among the most beautiful, the Albergo delle Nazioni, the Kursaal Santa Lucia theatre and the Palazzo della Provincia), and on the other by the Adriatic, it fascinates every tourist, amidst green parks and relaxing views.

4 - The Norman Castle: Called 'u Castidde' in the Bari dialect, the Norman Castle is located at the far end of the old city. The Castle is a testimony to the dominations that have succeeded one another in the city: after the Normans and the Swabians, the Angevins, the Aragonese dynasty, and later the Bourbons. Transformed by the latter into a place of imprisonment and barracks, today it hosts exhibitions and cultural events.

5 - The Old Port: If you want to witness the traditional buying and selling of the daily catch, then you must make a stop at the Porto vecchio in Bari. Here you can buy octopus, sea urchins, cuttlefish, mussels and many other types of fish. With a view of the Margherita, an early 20th century Art Nouveau theatre, today the Porto Vecchio is the hub of meetings between the citizens of Bari.

Among the experiences you cannot miss in Bari are cooking courses of orecchiette, the typical Apulian pasta, and sailing cruises.

If our guide to Bari has made you fancy a stay in Puglia, you now have all the elements to book your holiday.
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