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5 destinations to travel with the family

Going out with children has never been easier.

Family holidays. Well, carrying the little ones with you can be a lot of fun, but also very difficult. Today we offer you 5 perfect destinations to leave all together: there are equipped beaches, marine and terrestrial parks. You just have to leave!

The beautiful Greek island allows for excursions suitable for the whole family, admiring the boundless cultural heritage, but it also has incredible beaches. In particular, we recommend Frangikastello (well equipped) and Falassarna , which will enchant everyone with its colored sand: it is pink!

Water parks in Mallorca
In addition to enjoying the wonderful coastline, in Mallorca we recommend giving a chance to the numerous water parks with a thousand attractions. Perfect for a day of laughter and water games.

San Teodoro, Sardinia
Picturesque town 30 km from Olbia, suitable for family vacation. A small excursion to the Stagno di San Teodoro is a must: the pink flamingos live there.

There are many excursions that can be done in Corsica, even with children. In particular, the one on the coast in Bonifacio or the aquatic excursion on the Travo. If you love animals, visit the zoo “A Cupulatta”, there are many different species of turtles and tortoises!

Marineland in Antibes
Visit one of the largest aquariums in the world, Marineland: you will find dolphins, whales and even polar bears. Don't miss it!

Here are our 5 favorite destinations for traveling with the family. Comfortable beaches to reach and equipped, fun for adults and children.

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