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Book a cruise for your Easter holidays

Are you looking for exceptional deals to go to the Mediterranean? You should take advantage of our ferry deals!

Do you keep daydreaming of your next vacation in Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, or the French Riviera? You are not the only one. Plan your next trip and make it happen.

Schedule in advance and take advantage of year-round deals and discounts that shipping companies like Corsica Ferries have made available to you. Why choose to go by ferry? One of the advantages of ferry travel is that you can drive your car to the ferry port and take it over on holiday with you. Don't waste any more time! Book your Easter holidays with Corsica Ferries, and don't forget to buy the Seafy onboard internet service that will allow you to stay connected throughout the whole trip with your favorite social media networks, starting at 4.99 euros. With smartphones and laptops on board, you can watch your favorite films, TV shows and stay on top of the latest news. Even kids get to have a good time! Seafy has thought of them too and has added lots of fun cartoons. You have no more excuses at this point. Book now and stay connected during your trip!

Enjoy your cruise holiday with Seafy's Wi-Fi connection.