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3 Things to know about Wi-Fi connectivity on the high seas

Anywhere you go, you are likely to hear the term Wi-Fi. Maybe a restaurant claims to have free Wi-Fi, or a friend is asking for the Wi-Fi password. We use Wi-Fi all the time, and there is a lot to learn about how wireless technology works and how you can use Wi-Fi connectivity to enhance your experience on your trip while you are on the high seas.

1. You can now afford this luxury with Seafy.
The satellites used for at-sea Internet connections cost hundreds of millions. A single cruise line cannot afford to put a satellite up, but they are teaming up with maritime communications companies that own their satellites or rent large amounts of bandwidth that they can bring prices down.

2. Onboard connections work differently than those on land.
Be aware that, as the ship leaves port, your reception switches from the host country infrastructure to satellites that cover international waters. Used to at-home super-fast fiber-optic connections, passengers expect websites and apps to load just as fast at sea as they do on land. Ferry companies are addressing Internet speeds on multiple fronts, including providing bigger transmission capacity to their ships. But there is also latency when a user hits the button requesting a website to load, an app to start, and when the actual website or app appears.

3. Workarounds to get online exist!
Are you searching for the fastest Internet connection? The cabins on all ships of Grimaldi and Corsica Ferries are covered. Take advantage of the access points of common areas such as bars, restaurants, or self-service points where the signal coverage works best. Try to use the Internet when fewer people are online, such as late at night or in port when most passengers are ashore. The more people are online sharing limited bandwidth, the slower the connection might be. Of course, the fastest connection will always be onshore, but for those who want to check that all is well at home, using Seafy Wi-Fi in port or onboard with your smartphone may be the best route.

Seafy Internet onboard offers different Wi-Fi plans for passengers and crew members. These include set allowances for voice, text, data service, unlimited minutes and picture exchange, satellite tv, games, among others.