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Coronavirus: ferry travel tips

After the holidays, if you don’t have a green pass you cannot board planes, trains, and ships. The latest news come with the decree on the green-pass approved by the government during the Cdm of 5 August. The new transport rules start from 1 September to board long-distance ships and ferries. Here are the new rules for accessing and using means of transport, from precepts to exclusions.

I have to get on a ship that will take me from Lazio to Sicily. Do I have to have the green pass?
Yes, the green pass is required on all ships and ferries used for interregional transport services. There are some exceptions (see subsequent answers).

Do I need a green pass to cross the Strait of Messina on board a ferry with my car?
No, the green pass obligation does not apply to the means used for maritime connections in the Strait of Messina.

What are the requirements for getting the green pass?
To get the green pass, you must have received the first dose of vaccine for 15 days, or you must have completed the vaccination process with a double dose in the case of AstraZeneca, Pfizer, or Moderna or with the single dose of Johnson & Johnson. You must have performed a negative antigenic or molecular swab in the previous 48 hours. Otherwise, it is necessary to have recovered from Covid in the previous six months.

Who are the exceptions to the obligation of presenting a green pass?
The green pass obligation does not apply to all people excluded by age from the vaccination campaign. To people who for health reasons, and according to the indications of the CTS, cannot be vaccinated. In the latter case, they must have a certification that proves the exemption.

When are the checks carried out?
Checking for the green pass is carried out at the time of boarding. The new rules establish that air, sea, and land carriers are required to verify that the use of the services complies with the rules introduced by the decree.

To board the ferry it is mandatory to wear a face mask. You should sanitize your hands frequently and respect the distance from other passengers even during the boarding phase. To learn more, we advise you to check the official pages of the country you are traveling to "Viaggiare Sicuri" website.
Regularly check the Government FAQ on the measures foreseen in the zone classification to verify the provisions for travel from a region classified with another color.

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