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Mr. D'Amato, Manager of Corsica Ferries, talks about his experience with Seafy

Seafy is the service that offers onboard internet access for ships, a project conceived and developed by the company IES Italia. Whose objective is and will always be to improve people's lives on a small and large scale. And with Seafy, IES Italia has achieved just that.

Not just the passengers of Corsica Ferries have benefited. But also the entire crew, who has spent many months away from home while working, and needed a good Internet connection at a fair price to be able to stay in touch with their loved ones.

We interviewed Mr. Fabio D'AmatoCorsica Ferries food and beverage manager to learn more.

  • Good morning Mr. D'Amato, What do you do inside Corsica Ferries ships?

Hello, my job as the Food and Beverage Manager for Corsica Ferries is to make the ship's galley always stocked with all the food items served in restaurants and bars. In a nutshell, my goal is to ensure that our customers and the crew never lack food and drinks.

  • What are the benefits and shortcomings of your job?

My work is coordinating food and beverage and building relationships with people. Certainly, a perk of my job because you never get bored. I get great satisfaction from intervening in one of the services of the ship with the catering. However, spending many months on board can be annoying because it means being away from your family and friends. In the past, there was a sense of isolation while working on the ship. But this is no longer a problem thanks to the Wi-Fi access point.

  • Tell us about Seafy - what do you think of the Wi-Fi connectivity onboard?

I consider it an excellent service. It has had a positive impact on two fundamental aspects for me: my professional and personal life. Seafy has solved my main issue, not having an Internet connection when aboard. For a long time, we went without hearing from our families, and we felt isolated. When the ship docked in the port and approached the nearest coast, we couldn't wait to call back home. Now we can use Wi-Fi on board for reasonable prices and keep in touch with our families whenever we want.

  • What does it mean to be connected onboard to you?

For me, being connected means being able to always be in contact with my family and friends, being able to share glimpses into my life on board, knowing what is happening in the "real world" outside the ferry. It does not mean under-delivering at your job, but on the contrary, it means performing at your best because you are serene. Hear back from your loved ones, knowing they are doing fine, in short, having everything under control. It's an incentive to work better. Now we have no excuses for not doing our best!

  • And what does the rest of the crew think?

The crew can no longer do without Seafy! Life onboard has improved dramatically for all of us. We've always wanted affordable onboard Wi-Fi service connectivity, and now that we have it, we are much more motivated. In addition, our families cope better with our long periods away from home, feeling less worried and more involved in our lives. In short, many people's lives have improved thanks to Seafy!