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Travel insurance: why it matters and our tips and tricks

Protect your trip from the unexpected
From missed departure due to illness, to lost luggage, from bad weather to an accident during the trip: there are many reasons why a trip can go wrong. Of course we would never want any inconvenience, but prevention is better than cure, right?

Travel insurance is the answer!

What is a travel insurance policy and why do we need it?
Travel insurance is an insurance policy that intends to compensate the traveler for any damage or extra expenses that he may incur during his itinerary. The most popular is health insurance, especially for travel abroad.

You can request it from both your insurance company, as well as from all travel agencies and tour operators.

Our tips and tricks:

  1. In some countries, travel insurance is mandatory. When you organize a trip yourself, always check that the chosen country is or is not part of these;
  2. in any case, consider the possibility of stipulating it: protect your trip from the unexpected;
  3. what type of suits you the most? If you travel occasionally, the insurance will be single, but if you leave often (for pleasure or for work), the "Multi Trip" option exists;
  4. you can take out All-inclusive insurance, or only baggage or medical coverage;

Now, let's move to the practical part:
The insurance must have an adequate ceiling for what it will have to compensate. Don't get enticed by low-cost offers!
Pay attention to the insurance deductible, a cost on damage borne by the insurance holder. If it is zero or very low, you will avoid losing!

Well, now you know everything about travel insurance. They are the only way that allows us to leave free from worries and to protect ourselves from the unexpected, so it is important to choose wisely and rely on competent professionals.

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