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Travelling Low Cost: where to go

Are you looking for a really cheap holiday? Look no further, below you will find all the tips and tricks to discover Corsica at low cost! Do you think traveling is expensive? At the end of this article you will change your mind.

Traveling in style and on a budget is possible and is an important part of our life. It’s an opportunity to learn about yourself, what we like and what we don’t like, and to grow as a person. It’s time to leave, but you’re short of money. Don’t worry, we’ll cover you. Crystal clear waters, wild nature and miles of Caribbean beaches: Corsica is one of the most popular summer destinations. However, it is not a particularly economical destination, especially in the last few years, when prices for services and facilities have risen. However, by taking the right precautions, you can arrange a holiday in Corsica without spending a fortune.

First, you need to choose which part of Corsica to go to and where to stay. If you are looking for beach, sea and relax, you can choose Bonifacio, but regardless of the region you want to visit, to save on accommodation and enjoy a low cost holiday, we recommend you to consider other hotel solutions. Holiday homes, B&Bs and Corsican campsites are the perfect solution for a comfortable stay without spending too much. In addition, one way to taste the best of local cuisine without spending too much is to focus on street food, to try while walking or on the beach under the beach umbrella.

The beaches of Corsica are beautiful and you will be spoilt for choice. To save money, we suggest you arm yourself with a beach umbrella and a fridge bag, avoiding the equipped beaches: renting sunbeds and umbrellas can be very expensive, especially in high season. Fortunately, several areas of the island offer free beaches, alternating with beaches with services, bars and restaurants. There is nothing like the serenity of being surrounded by the beauty of nature and letting time slide away at every beach you come across.

Explore all the wonders of Corsica in total relaxation and without thinking about your wallet.
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