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What to pack for a weekend?

If you are looking for a getaway out of town for the weekend, don’t forget these essentials.
They will make your trip more enjoyable and guarantee you a safe and memorable stay.
A little preparation is a lot. Be sure to pack everything you might need for your getaway,
whether it’s a short weekend or a well-deserved vacation.

When it comes to packing for a weekend, there are many things to consider.
In fact, most people don’t know what to pack or include in their bag. Today we’ll explain how to pack easily for your trip, so you can focus on fun and not stress for what you’ve forgotten.

1 swimsuit (never misses opportunity)
1 light sweatshirt
flip flops (useful not only for the beach, but also for the shower and to use in the hotel)
1 shorts
2 long trousers
T-shirts in the most easily matching colours, usually one for every day you are away
1 raincoat for rain
Beauty Case
Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
Bathroom foam, shampoo and conditioner in small travel packages
Sun protection and after-sun protection
Elastic for hair and brush or comb
Paper handkerchiefs
Smartphones (+earphones)
Camera and lenses
Book and/or magazine
Tickets and maps
Documents (identity card or passport, driving licence and/or international driving licence, health card)
Credit cards and cash
Sunglasses and/or prescription glasses
Power bank
Super lightweight backpack to go around

We hope these tips will be useful for planning your next trip. Whether you’re traveling with your sweetheart or with a whole family, there’s no doubt that a weekend break is essential to recharge your batteries and give your life a little more balance!