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Where to go at Easter 2022?

The traditions of the most popular destinations. Here we are, Spring is here and Easter is coming (this year on April 17), the queen of Christian holidays. The restrictions due to Covid-19 are finally loosening and you want to leave for the Easter holiday, where to go? Here are our favorite destinations and their traditions.

For this Easter in Cagliari, visit the city center and live Sardinian folklore.
Here, Easter is a very important celebration. Just think of the name in dialect, Sa Pasca manna (the great Easter). Every year, ancient rites are repeated across the streets of the city, from Shrove Tuesday to Holy Week. And it is precisely during the latter that the most evocative events are concentrated: starting with the Is misterius procession, the Friday before Palm Sunday, the Via Crucis on Good Friday, up to S'Incontru, in which Jesus and the Madonna meet on Easter day.
And Easter Monday? Don't miss a picnic oin the Monte Urpinu and Monte Claro parks.

2. Palermo
You are in Palermo to spend the Easter holidays. Good choice! Here, too, the traditional processions fill the atmosphere with passion and spirituality. But Palermo is famous for the contamination due to the passage of the various peoples who have conquered it. Terrasini holds the festa degli schietti (bachelors, who have to raise an orange to demonstrate their physical prowess). In Piana degli Albanesi, the Albanian community celebrates Pashkët Arbëreshe, a byzantine tradition.
For Easter lunch we recommend having Falsomagro, a stuffed and tied beef roll. Each family has their own recipe. Finish with a flourish with the very sweet cassata.

3. Barcelona
Also in Catalonia, Holy Week is the most important of the year for the Christian community. The most fascinating procession takes place in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, a city near Barcelona. Fun fact: on Holy Monday, the godparents bring mona de Pasqua to their godchildren: a chocolate cake, originally decorated with bunnies and eggs. Now it can take on the most disparate forms, up to representing famous people!

Well, we took a nice journey through the traditions of our recommended destinations for Easter 2022. Now it's your turn!
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