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Where to go on holiday in December?

December could be the perfect month to take a long weekend and take a trip. However, sometimes it is difficult to choose the best destination.
For this reason, we have found some of the most beautiful cities to go to in December based on the ratings and reviews of travelers.

Dresden: is an incredibly rich city of historic sites and spectacular Baroque architecture. The Zinger Palace is one of the most significant Baroque buildings in Germany and the Frauenkirche Dresden, or Church of Our Lady, is an outstanding historical monument. The Art Museum of the Green Vault, located in Dresden Castle, contains the largest collection of treasures in Europe. Dresden is one of the best holiday destinations in December, when the average daily temperature is 5°C. There you can find an incredibly wide selection of Christmas items and local food products, including Stollen, the traditional Christmas bread.

Vienna: is a great place to visit in December if you want to experience Christmas. The Upper Belvedere Palace is an architectural milestone, now a museum, and is home to one of Vienna’s many Christmas markets, famous all over the world and rich in culinary delights and local traditions. Among the local foods to try, don’t miss Glühwein (hot wine with spices, perfect for the December climate, which has an average daily temperature of 5°C) and Schaumrollen (a sweet filled with whipped cream or meringue).

London: is a popular tourist destination all year round, but in December it offers special opportunities for visitors. For example, you can skate on the ice rinks throughout the city. Trafalgar Square, which is the center of the festivities, is decorated with Christmas carols, a giant Christmas tree and a giant menorah. The December climate in London is surprisingly mild, with average temperatures around 9°C/5°C. This means you can easily explore the city’s famous attractions, including the ice skating rink in Trafalgar Square and the giant menorah in front of Westminster Abbey.

Berlin: is one of our favourite destinations for December travel, thanks to all the holiday attractions available. The Brandenburg Gate hosts one of the largest outdoor New Year’s Eve events in the world, with fireworks and exciting celebrations. A visit to the Christmas Circus at the Tempodrom is an ideal activity for the whole family. Although the weather can be a bit chilly (with an average daily temperature of 4°C), Berlin is one of our favourite destinations to travel in December thanks to all the holiday attractions available. Take a look at our many hotels in Berlin with a convenient central location to enjoy all this and much more.