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Where to go on vacation in January

Traveling and being away from home can be one of the most beautiful sensations in the world. With the end of winter holidays, it's time to start planning your next trip. But where to go? January is one of the best months for holidays, because you can get away from it all and enjoy the precious Christmas presents.
Here are the 4 best destinations for January holidays!

Tenerife: Get away from the chaos and frenzy of summer and mass tourism: discover the most authentic nature of this beautiful island! If Tenerife seems strange to you in winter, it's because you haven't tried the experience yet. One of the most famous islands of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco. From the beaches and nightlife of Playas de las Americas, to excursions to the Teide National Park, not to mention the historic center of La Laguna and the entertainment opportunities of the capital, Santa Cruz, Tenerife is an island to explore.

Malta: Due to its Mediterranean climate and its location different from most European countries, the island has very mild winters. The temperature is between 12° and 15°, up to 20°. In winter, away from the sun, sand and sea, some activities and attractions are actually more accessible and less crowded.Not having the suffocating heat of summer means moving much more pleasantly. The countryside becomes a green paradise, where the almost wild vegetation contrasts magnificently with the arid landscape left by summer.

Miami: If you are one of those people who likes to trade snow for sand and cold for heat, then Miami in winter is the perfect vacation for you. You can enjoy beaches, zoos, parks and any outdoor space. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to take part in Miami-inspired cultural events, shopping and parties. Start walking the streets at your own pace, hop on a tour bus, surf the beaches of Miami, attend a music or food festival, celebrate Art Deco week, take advantage of seasonal sales and more.

Maldives: The weather in the Maldives in January is warm, with little humidity and lots of sunshine. It might rain, but this time of year passes quickly. January is a good month to visit the Maldives, we recommend booking in advance. Visibility is also excellent for diving and snorkeling. In fact, you can dedicate yourself to different types of diving (snorkeling, full diving, reef diving, island diving, drift diving, diving and wrecks).
Rasdhoo Atoll is one of the most coveted places for snorkeling enthusiasts, but every village in the Maldives has a diving center and, depending on the size of the island, can rely on one or more boats to reach the dive sites.

If you've been filled with cold, snowy winters and are looking for a getaway from the heat and sun this January, there are many budget options to choose from.
All you need is a great desire to travel and a little bit of courage to make your dream of a winter trip come true. After all, it may not always be sunny in Southern California, but there is still a lot to see and do when cold temperatures take over.