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Why having internet connection on board makes the difference

Tell the truth, have you glanced at WhatsApp to see if anyone had reached out to you? Do not worry! We have to admit we did it too, and you know why? Because it is ok in 2021!

Today we can not imagine a life without the internet or social media networks.
Which is what "being contemporary" means. The very choice of telephone rates no longer depend on how many minutes for calls or text messages we have, but how many Gigas we have available to navigate the internet as much as we like.

As a result, we are constantly looking for Wi-Fi connectivity anywhere we go. Otherwise, we feel isolated from the world.
Home connection and in public places are no longer the problem. But when traveling by ship or plane, we find it very difficult to stay disconnected. We often give up, since it is still too expensive or doesn't work as we would like.

Seafy has solved this problem. We not only offer a solid connection thanks to the Thor 7 satellite, which covers the whole area of the Mediterranean and the North Sea, but we also offer internet during the entire boat trip at very affordable prices. For just a few euros, you can chat and keep an eye on your social networks. The long hours on the ship to the beautiful Mediterranean destinations will pass more quickly with a good connection. Not only chatting but also gathering information for your holiday.

Seafy has created a high-tech service that has improved the lives of many passengers.
Benefiting the ship crew, who is away from their family for a long time, in need of connection at all times, without needing to reach the first port. An extra incentive for passengers to travel in comfort and an incentive for the crew to work with enthusiasm.

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