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Why was Seafy born?

Stay connected at a fair price.

Before Seafy was born, our customers were on the ships. And it was due to their experiences, like finding themselves sailing on the high seas and without Wi-Fi connection or drastically depleting their phone credit because of high connection fees.

Who are they? The designers and developers of Seafy, a cutting-edge web service that meets the needs of those who have to be online at all times at a fair price. Being connected means being part of a global community that wants to share everything immediately. The office's mail, the boyfriend's WhatsApp, the friend's birthday, even wanting to see a good comedy or listening to the latest Coldplay album. The truth is that we are used to satisfying these "virtual needs" in real-time, even when we travel, regardless of whether we are on a plane bound for Rome or on the high seas bound for Porto Vecchio. In the first case, you have to be patient with the poor coverage connection - as there are still few airlines equipped with onboard Wi-Fi access - the ships, on the other hand, all have Wi-Fi but are not always accessible at reasonable rates.

Based on these premises, Seafy was born. The tool that makes internet connection available on Corsica Ferries and Sardinia Ferries ships with advantageous Wi-Fi plans, satisfying the needs of the modern traveler, especially to social media networks.

Our ultimate goal is to fulfill every travel experience in today's times.

No more boring and endless trips. No more zero credit after a few minutes of browsing.

Now you can fully enjoy the online experience, even during a long trip, knowing that you will be saving money and not just a few pennies. Seeing is believing!

Go to our website Seafy to learn more!