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Cap Corse, a piece of paradise closer than you think...

There is a piece of paradise near you, and you don't know it yet: it's called Cap Corse in Corsica, and you need very little to visit it. Capucorsu, as its inhabitants call it, is located at the northernmost point of the island. It is so close to Elba and Capraia, and on clear days it deceives those who look at it! Thinking it can be reached by a swim.

It is the feeling of freedom and calm that you breathe that makes Cap Corse a unique place.

During August, it is rare to find tourists and people on the beach, it is rare for a Mediterranean destination during this period. The whole area characterizes by the contrasts of green and navy blue tones. The characteristic smell of the Mediterranean bushes diffused by the Libeccio wind, the protagonist of this place.

What to visit in Cap Corse? The first stop you can't miss is the Secret Beach!

Macinaggio, a town on the east coast, where all the itineraries in this area depart from and following the Google coordinates 42.973432, 9.454029 you will arrive at a place that has no name, or perhaps it does, you will have to pass through dusty dunes and gravel roads to get to it. But once you arrive, you will have the whole beach to yourself. Having Macinaggio as a reference point, you will arrive at Rogliano, one of the most beautiful mountain villages of Cap Corse. It has several historical monuments, including a 15th-century Genoese tower and Sant'Agnellu's imposing church. If you want to enjoy a beautiful panorama, go to Moulin Mattei. You will be amazed by an impressive 360 ​​° view of the surrounding landscape. The Moulin Mattei is one of the many old mills in the area. The only one renovated by the distillery of the same name in Bastia. Its also present on the labels of the Cap Corse Mattei aperitif, which is part of all good food in Corsica, made with nutmeg wine and 'quinquina' (cinchona bark).

Not far from here is Nonza, a small town with only 70 inhabitants. Nonza is known for the Black Beach, named liked this for its dark tone pebbles. This location is certainly suggestive but not very popular due to the high temperatures the stones reach in the hottest hours of the day. The last stop is Centuri, a small town of 200 inhabitants that looks like an Italian film from the 1950s. The port's notorious reputation is that of being the cradle of excellence for white river crawfish fishing.

Needless to say, before leaving this place, it is essential to visit a typical restaurant.